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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A turn in the road...but the journey continues...

On Sunday January 16th at 1.10am in Hereford, England my father passed away after a battle with prostate and then lung cancer. I will miss him a lot and offer to him my love and respect.

The New Year presented me with opportunites to get my life in order. I have made a mess of my finances and am receiving help to get on top of my debts. I am still in the process of rediscovering my relationship with God and now I need to process my undulating relationship with my father and the final weeks where we were reconciled and talking well together.

On Tuesday Feb 1st I fly out to the UK. My ex-wife and her family have been very supportive and have assisted me to get to England. I am there for at least 10 weeks. It is a time to support my mother, reminisce with old family friends, enjoy being back in my home country and time to think.

I want to work when I am in England and also put some thought into developing my writing skills and utilising them more frequently and productively.

I am in the midst of putting my home contents into a friend's garage and giving up my lease. It is a new start, a new turn on my life's journey and a time of reflecting upon all the good that my father bought into my life. Michael James Chatwin RIP. Love Les xxx

Friday, January 07, 2011

Stumbling into Grace

Blimey! This blog is becoming random, sporadic, a confused jumble of spiritual experiences and a whole bunch of highs and lows. Oh yes...just like my life...
Well, Jesus did it. After my attempt to evade the Hound of Heaven and seek consolation in either some vague form of fuzzy spirituality or nothing at all I finally found myself over New Year's Day stumbling reluctantly into the Kingdom of God again. Not that I'd probably ever been away.
Last Monday I met with a Christian friend to talk, tentatively, about returning to church which, to be honest, scares the pants off me...
As always, watch this space if you are still tuned in to Channel Les...