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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Sunday Morning Scare

A digression from the usual spiritual fare to report on my recent Sunday morning experience.

In Australia most homes have separate laundries to hold the washing machine. Next to my washing machine is a small cupboard with some spare boxes and, on top of these, is a child's car booster seat. The top of this pile is roughly at my eye level next to the washing machine.

Sunday morning I went out to the laundry and started putting clothes into my top load machine and something caught my eye. I glanced across and froze when I saw a snake curled up on top of the booster seat!

I am English. Many Australians aren't too well versed on varieties of snakes and I haven't got a clue. We were never prepared for snakes when I was at school in Birmingham!

To cut a long story short I rang an excellent organization called WIRES who are a Wildlife Rescue group and they gave me details of a local snake expert. He came and informed me that we didn't have a snake problem; it was, in fact, a Central Australian Carpet Python so it would be an escaped pet.

Once the snake was crawling around on an expert I felt much more at ease but it's certainly not an experience that I want to repeat. On Monday I was speaking to supervisor at University who is Northern Irish and we were lamenting the many ways that you can be hurt, bit or scared witless by wildlife in Australia. Lucky country indeed!


Tauratinzwe said...

You've brought up the one thing that makes me afraid of Australia -- snakes. I had enough encounters in Africa with mambas, cobras,boomslangs, etc., to put the fear into me. Watching the late Steve, the idiot, Irwin (sp?) is enough to keep me out of Australia (until I become wealthy enough to visit).

KParis said...

I used to have a Ball Python as a pet. Carpet Pythons are gorgeous. :) It's terrible that you were scared that way though. (Found you via Matt Stone's blogroll.)