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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Celebrate Life

As Sat Feb 27th approaches and 7.45pm (AEST) arrives when the 2010 Mardi Gras Parade sets off the issues of homosexuality, rights, gay marriage and the worth and dignity of GLBT people finds itself back on the agenda of the news media and certain sections of the Australian church.

Of course, the issue doesn't take a break in this section of the blogosphere but this is certainly a good time to put my point of view into the melting pot.

I just want to suggest a motif for the 2010 Sydney Mardi Gras should the event drift into your sphere of awareness; Celebrate Life.

Too often, issues get bogged down in prejudice, hatred, bitterness, arrogance, pride etc and these feelings affect all sides of the discussion. In the midst of all of the rhetoric we forget that people are involved; precious, valuable, worthy individuals with hopes, dreams, aspirations and lives that are worth living and celebrating.

As Mardi Gras 2010 approaches I want to take time to dedicate this blog to all of my many GLBT friends who encourage me, inspire me and show me how to love sincerely. For them and the many others who want to live and love freely I say - CELEBRATE LIFE.


notlizzie said...

Thanks so much Les.

Beautifully thought and written and effected.

Many prayers of blessing on you and the boys


有甚麼新歌 said...
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Healing Morning said...

I love the premise of your blog, as well as how open heartedly you have chosen to live your life as a minister. I am in the Deep South, in Tennessee, in an area that is predominantly Baptist. We are blessed to have a wonderful Unitarian Church that is welcoming to the GLBT community, but sadly, there are still so many prejudices that exist.

Having several family members, as well as dear friends in the GLBT community and watching the struggles and challenges they face daily, it is encouraging and warming to learn of people like you who choose to see the PERSON and not the "label". I choose to believe that is how God/Universe sees us all.

Keep doing what you do - you are making a beautiful difference in the world!

~ Dawn