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Monday, September 07, 2009

Blurring the Boundaries

Regular readers of this all too infrequent blog will know of my efforts to find interesting images to complement each post. In this particular post I am writing about my first baby steps into the world of Michel Foucault and especially his "History of Sexuality" and the importance his work well have in my overall thesis and this image seemed particularly pertinent as I consider gender theory, queer theory and how the Church so often hurts and pushes aside the "other" in a game of power.

I am now officially enrolled in the Masters of Philosophy (Religious Studies) and The University of Newcastle in NSW (cue fanfare and drum roll) and am extremely excited. I have no idea how I will manage financially or where I will find the time but I am, nevertheless, very excited!

The foundation to the thesis will be the work of Juergen Moltmann but, as I said, I have just begun exploring the philosophy of Foucault and it is magnificent. Another project down the track is to engage with Judith Butler but she will have to wait her turn for now.

All is good in Les-world. I must say thank you to all of the people who have been so supportive as I have travelled, and continue to travel, stormy theological and spiritual seas in search of a place where I feel content. I will endeavour to write more as the studies and my spiritual journey progress.