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Sunday, October 18, 2009

I don't get it!

Ok. In case you haven't noticed a trend I am frustrated with the evangelical church. I am tired of words, words, words from pulpits and study groups with little impact on the local community. I am cynical and jaded and I am happy to own these feelings but I still have to ask - what the heck is/was the "Jesus - All About Life" campaign about?

I drive a taxi and I have a lot of conversations about spirituality and no-one outside of the local churches seems to have heard about this campaign or have had a meaningful conversation with a Christian or even know what it is supposed to mean. It is yet another example of Christians pouring money into a programme when I think the problem is that, honestly, Christians don't care about whether their non-Christian neighbours know about Jesus. The church doesn't need another program; it needs to ask people honestly why they don't give a stuff.


Meg Leigh said...

I have not heard of this program either and wouldn't have a clue what it is about. *sigh* I've been trying out going to church again the past few weeks...each time I have gone to this particular church I am 'spying out' I've heard an out of context and unnecessary reference to Gays and lesbians...really makes me feel welcome. Going again tonight because I told one nice woman there I will, but this is their last chance.
Why don't I give a stuff about church? Because from what I can see, "church" despises me.

Tauratinzwe said...

"Through their conduct, believers attract outsiders or put them off . . .. Their lifestyle is either attractive or offensive. Where it is attractive, people are drawn to the church, even if the church does not actively 'go out' to evangelize them."

-- David J. Bosch Transforming Mission

This quote cuts to the heart of the matter. Too many evangelicals are just salesmen. They want to sell their version of church, not live out a Christian life. It has more to do with McDonalds (how many million burgers sold - how many "souls" saved)than discipleship.

It is the conduct of the evangelicals that is driving people away from Jesus. Fortunately, some, like Ghandi, can separate the message from the medium. They follow Jesus without entering the church.