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Monday, June 29, 2009

Bridge the Gap Synchroblog

My post today is part of a larger initiative of more than 50 bloggers all sharing their thoughts on how to ‘bridge the gap’ between the straight and gay Christian communities. You can check out the other links at:

I have been incredibly slack and am a little late but I encourage you to check out the great work of "Bridge the Gap". They have a wonderful dvd project to encourage evangelical Christians to listen to some other sides of the "gay" story.

Here in Newcastle, NSW I have been holding the germ of a Christian discussion group at the city's gay bar. This Tuesday we begin a fortnightly Bible study as an inclusive Christian study group to supplement the discussion group project. The plan is to form the nucleus of a group that will be the basis of an inclusive Church.

Always in my ministry my heart's desire is to positively connect with those outside of the church. The gay community has been pushed away from God in many ways and my desire is to find ways of engaging in conversations about God and authentically loving people of same-sex orientation.

Please check out "Bridge the Gap" and the other wonderful synchrobloggers. Some people might say that I am focussing too narrowly on a specific group. My Masters thesis will be looking at a positive perspective on same-sex orientation and so I can understand the concern but I feel a strong calling to reach out missionally to a group of people who have been marginalized and who need to know that God loves them passionately.

Please pray for the project here in Newcastle. I have a small nucleus but few resources and would value support however you may feel called to do that. Please pray for this ministry and if you can help with purchasing books for my Masters study through Amazon then I would welcome the assistance.

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Jamie Willis said...

Have you tried Google Books? There is a lot out there, especially for more esoteric and hard-to-find texts.