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Monday, March 02, 2009

A new beginning...I guess

After many ups and downs and trial and tribulations things came to a head last Tuesday when my wife of nearly 13 years said she could no longer be married to me. The details are not relevant for a blog but I wanted to share this information because it will, inevitably, color my writing from this point forwards.

I have been through a lot in recent times and I am SO weary. I don't know what the future holds but I love my 3 boys and we are both committed to their future and happiness. I am still not keen on church; still clinging to God and feeling lonely and trying to minimize and work with the fluctuating anxiety that comes like rolling waves.

I am not blaming anyone just trying to find a constructive way forward. Let's see when erudite gems emerge out of this new period of my life. I feel very unemployable being a separated ordained pastor who is seeing a psychologist and has been wrongly accused. I am thinking of picking up the Masters of Counseling. I have little money and am staying with 2 wonderful friends who have extended an open welcome for as long as I need it.

I am keen to be able to find a reasonable place for when my kids come over and I want to be fairly close so they can call in when they miss me or want to catch up.

Thanks for listening.


wayno said...

Charles Stanley (big in the U.S.) is divorced. His wife left him after over 30 years.

Hang in there.


Demetrois1 said...

My wife divorced me almost seven years ago (unexpected and without cause). I thought it was the end, as I loved her and our life together.

My life is amazingly better now - and I did not see this. Time gives us perspective, and the the right perspective if our focus is kept on God.

As Semisonic's song goes "every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end…"

Patricia said...


I'm so sorry to hear of this after so many years. I pray that your life will become a blessing to you inspite of the many years of pain you have suffered and i pray that all is well with your boys and Tanya..

nAncY said...

1. call your kids every day and say that you love them.

2. thank God.

3. God has a plan for you.

Les said...

Thanks all for the kind words, thoughts and prayers. I am making it forward bit by bit. I am committed to loving and supporting my kids. This experience is causing me to reevaluate grace and what it means to be a Christian.

TheGroundworks said...

Hang in there...

Peter W said...

Les, so sorry to hear this. Have been following your struggles and ministry since I first becasme aware of you on the Villa Collective, and have often been prompted to pray for you. All I can say right now is God is big and His grace is sufficient. I know you know this, having followed your God to the ends of the earth. But you will need people to support you, feed you, nurture and uphold you over the coming times. Remember, in the dark times especially, that the stuff you feed is the stuff that grows, and I pray that your testimony will be one of grace, unaccountable peace and the knowledge of resting in the shadow of His wings.

Matt Stone said...

Sorry to hear of this. You're sounding very exhausted. May you experience God's grace and support during the weeks and months ahead.