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Monday, February 09, 2009

Transforming Theology

As part of my journeys through the blogosphere I came across a few references to Tripp Fuller and the "Transforming Theology" project. It is an exciting initiative to provide pdf files of significant theological works and access to free books to stimulate theological discussion across the blogging world.

As a passionate lay theologian it was right up my alley and a chance to interact more purposefully with other theologians.

The first pdf sent out is "Reclaiming Christianity" by John Cobb. Having dipped my toe into Process Theology I am very interested in Cobb's work and have been most encouraged by the first half of the book. I will blog more in coming days.

It is a wonderful project and I commend anyone with an interesting in Theological Dialogue to sign up.

By the way, I found the image on a google images search and really liked it. It is a painting by Wojciech Macherzynski and details can be found here.


nAncY said...

wojciech's painting is quite interesting.

Troy Charves Pearsall said...

I'm was very interested in your activities. especially your planting a church in a gay bar? Would really like to know more.