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Monday, February 09, 2009

Australian Disaster

The scale of the fires raging in Victoria have been absolutely staggering and, tragically, the death toll has surpassed anything Australia has ever experienced. Yesterday I was driving the taxi and had the radio tuned in to the bushfire updates and stories. Even though we are in another state and about 10 hours away from the fires their is a collective sense of loss and grief across Australian society.

The following link is to the ABC photo gallery in the aftermath of the devastation. This is a link to an audio file where a survivor describes the wall of flame that he faced.

The death toll is currently 93 and is almost certainly going to rise as the emergency crews move through the disaster zone. More than 700 homes have been lost and the scope of the tragedy and the time it will take to rebuild lives and communities is hard to imagine.

I am going to resume blogging on theology and my faith journey but I wanted to raise awareness of a national tragedy and ask for your prayers for the people of Victoria at this time.


nAncY said...

i have been seeing a small big of news of this on the web. it has been in my thoughts, and i will pray.

Bill Giovannetti said...

Over 110 forest fires raged thru northern CA, where I live, this summer. We watched them approach from our back porch, and were scared. The smoke blocked the sun for two months. Some homes were destroyed, but no lives were lost.

It was amazing to see fire fighters from 40 states, and 5 nations, including Australia, come to my neighborhood to fight fires. Thank you.

You are in my prayers. Our hearts ache with those who lost loved ones. And with those who've lost their homes. Please know that your friends in the U.S. thinking about you and praying for you.

Bill Giovannetti