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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Back from the Black

Last weekend I descended into a black hole of depression and anxiety. It has been building for a while which is why the blog has been lying dormant for a while.

I need to give up taxi driving as soon as I can. Driving nights is not conducive to lowering one's anxiety. I was going to concoct a story for the owner of the taxi but on Thursday I went and met with his wife and himself for a cuppa and shared honestly about my struggles. I am only working Saturday night this week and then we will review my shifts. I have asked him to look for a replacement driver for the Friday and Saturday night shifts.

I will drop down to 3 nights and am exploring opportunities to return to part-time pastoral ministry with a church. I am on my medication and am waiting for an appointment with a psychiatrist to review the medication and reassess me. Before I enter into preaching and pastoral ministry I want to be sure that I have good support and boundaries.

It's a very trying time and my marriage is just about surviving. My wife has found a good local church so I plan to drop Saturday asap so we can go to church as a family as part of the process of putting some normality back into our lives.


Meg said...

It's good to hear from you again.

Peter P said...

Great post Les.

Make sure you keep your boundaries in tact and talk early to someone if they start failing.

God bless,