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Saturday, November 29, 2008

I Love Your Rain

It is Saturday morning. I am normally sleeping but I had the luxury of a Friday night without driving a cab. This past month or so has been very stressful emotionally and spiritually and I have done a great deal of reflecting and seeking God in the midst of a prolonged storm.

A week or so ago I made a rare trip to the Christian bookstore and bought some reduced Vineyard CDs in order to help change the atmosphere of the house.

This morning I put on "You and You Alone by Vineyard Canada. I am not a rabid fan of much modern worship music but this is an exceptionally good CD and then I heard "Even Though" and God spoke to me in the midst of the rain and the Spirit touched me afresh with hope and grace.

Even though I can't see the sun
through these clouds
I know it still shines.

Even though I can't feel your love
through this pain
I know you're alive and

Even though I can't understand
Why this storm still blows and
even though I can't hear your voice
I love your rain.

What a beautiful song. Thank you God for meeting me today. Even though I can't understand why this storm still blows and even though I can't hear your voice I do love your rain.


Sally said...

wonderful lyrics, and thank you for sharing your journey so openly. To God be the glory, and peace be with you!

Bruce said...

Isn't it great that God still shines even though we don't always feel his warmth. I love the fact that my salvation, or God's existence has nothing to do with the way I feel. I would be in deep trouble if it did!

Peter P said...