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Monday, November 24, 2008

High Calling Blogs

I came across High Calling Blogs. It is a great hub for Christian blogs. It is more than a list of blogs in that it has great newsletters and links to resources.

If you are a Christian blogger I strongly encourage you to join up. They are a very responsive team of people and it is a wonderful community.


L.L. Barkat said...

A warm welcome. How nice to have you all the way from Australia! : )

Marcus Goodyear said...

I'm not sure I'd call us "very responsive"! But we're glad to have you. This is just something we do on the side because we believe in it.

We just had some Australians present about their web ministry at Laity Lodge a few weeks ago for the Global Christian Internet Alliance. Wish you could have been here.

Sandy M. said...

Join the revolution to help inspire the world in 25

Adamgv said...

Great blog!

Please review our website at your earliest convenience. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Adam Vohrer
Vice President

Citizens Committee for Restructured Government (CCRG)

Tim said...

Les, thanks for this lead! I just registered Straight-Friendly there and once I hear it's approved, I'll feature it--and your blog--in an update over there.