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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Well...continued...

The following picture shows the woman at the well. This story is becoming the inspiration for the church project in Newcastle as I begin to see the potential for meeting people at the well in the heat of the noon-day sun.

In meeting this woman Jesus stepped through and over all of the social conventions and he listened to her and met her where she was.

If anyone wants to know about this ministry be sure to tell them that I am simple, flawed person seeking to follow God in His plans.

Today I was told the local Baptist Association are prepared to give me up to $AU3,000 as an evangelism grant to buy a data projector and set up a web-site amongst other things. I cannot tell you how humbled and blown away I am right now.

I also found out that there are young Christians in our city who want to be involved and I was given the phone details of a couple in Sydney who work with the gay community.

God is opening doors wide and I am stepping through and I continue to walk and live in the aftermath of grace.

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wayno said...

That is good news. Pray for me. I have Cardiac Bypass Surgery on October 22, 2008.