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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Reaching the Unchurched

One of the keys to reaching unchurched people is a point of decision; that moment when we realize that we can commit to journeying with someone as they seek faith and understanding or we decide that it's all too hard and close off the conversation.

On Sunday night I had a phone call from some regular customers with the request that I take them to a local pub. Alex, my friend, also asked if I wanted to call in at McDonalds to catch up with them. McDonalds is across the road from this particular night spot so I joined these new friends for a burger and a chat.

As we neared McDonalds one of the group asked me where the plans for a church plant were at. I was only midway through the conversation when we had pulled up in the car park so I suggested we go and grab our burgers. All four of these young people protested and asked me to finish telling them about the church project.

These are exciting times as I begin to form friendships with many unchurched people in Newcastle. Alex, who I am in touch with most has agreed to be a part of the core planning group for the faith community. I am really being guided by God as the project unfolds and develops. What I thought of in terms of a church plant is evolving into something much more fluid and people-focused.

The core planning group will not commence meeting until November and in the mean time I am presenting my thoughts regarding evangelism to the unchurched at a conference at my college on September 18th and working at the main paper for the MTh which is due to be completed by early November.

My academic supervisor is encouraging me to work towards publishing these insights from the faith journey and I am journalling the conversations from the taxi for a book project that I hope to use as part of a project to equip and challenge the local church in Australia and beyond.

As the project continues and as conversations develop and change I will continue to track the progress through the blog.

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