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Friday, September 05, 2008

Language of Faith

What is it that Christians should be communicating to unchurched people and how do we get past the jargon, misperceptions and strangeness of some of the concepts that we wish to share?

How do we manage the tension between straight out propositionalism on the one hand and liberal experientialism on the other? This is the crux of a paper that I am presenting on Tuesday 16th September at a conference at the college I am studying with.

It's tough. I find myself, by inclination, leaning more towards love, acceptance and community but wanting to address the underlying agenda that I carry with we which is saving faith in Jesus Christ.

Australia is in a very post-Church era where many people are not anti church so much as over church. I am determined to think, pray and work through this issue. What concerns me is that so many people are still writing about evangelism and the unchurched from within the safety of Christian communities. I am trying to figure this out through friendships with unchurched people. As I work towards planting a faith community I am trying to negotiate the expectations and perceptions of the local church and help people see a longer term view of belonging that leads to believing.

Any ideas or comments?

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