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Monday, September 01, 2008


The road that is before us sometimes tests us in many ways but, if we look and listen, we will often find signs of encouragement to keep us focused on the journey ahead.

Today I felt flat and discouraged and lost sight of where I was headed and felt depression creeping in so I posted a comment on Facebook. Within an hour two of my friends had emailed me. These are Facebook friends and not men that I know all that well but they both sent through encouraging and uplifting messages.

Tonight, as I was driving the taxi, one of my unchurched friends phoned me and asked if I would pick up 4 of them, drop them at McDonalds and also if I fancied popping in with them for a break and a chat.

We arrived at the carpark of McDonalds and they wanted to know where I was up to with the idea to plant a missional faith community in the city. I was keen to get a burger but they stayed in the car with me for a good 10 minutes offering encouragment and comments. Not one of the 3 blokes and a girl were Christians. Alex, 19, has agreed to be a part of the core group to dream this project into life. He is searching for God and asking deep questions of faith. Alex is keen to join the intial group and I have encouraged him to ask hard questions and challenge us to meet the needs of the unchurched of the city. I pray that as he joins with me on the journey that God has laid before me he will also come to know the magnificent grace and love of my God.

Today I came to God weary and heavy laden and he took the load from me and sent me fellow travelers to encourage me. I am so, so glad that I am a child of God.

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EmJayDee said...

Hey it's good to meet another displaced person (I'm from NZ) blogging from NSW. Found you from Sally Coleman's blogroll (on Eternal Echoes). Enjoyed your posts.