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Friday, September 12, 2008

Emerging from Winter

As winter passes subtly into spring in the Southern Hemisphere it has prompted me to reflect on the unlikely places where God's spirit continues to breathe life into our world.

The photo is taken from Yosemite National Park and shows a plant emerging from the barren landscape.

This week I have been given so much encouragement to pursue my vision of reaching the unchurched pub/club subculture of Newcastle with the love and grace of God.

On Wednesday I called in to visit some unchurched friends and we got to talking about the faith community and where it is at. I shared with them an idea of getting a room in a pub and having a fortnightly gathering. At that evening I planned to show occasional dvds under the title "God at the Movies".

Alex, went over to his dvd collection and pulled out "V for Vendetta" and handed it to me and said "Let's watch this one first" and then proceeded to tell me all of the spiritual questions that the film raised. I have an eager group of young people, a heart for the city and lots of encouragement from many different quarters. I feel now that I should just meet with the people God has put before me and start building a small community.

I still have a meeting to come in October with the Baptist Union and I am connecting in with a home group at the church my wife is attending so I can look after my own spiritual needs but I feel like I just need to meet fortnightly and in the meantime get the longer term planning group going in November but really just meet and see what God wants to do.

Please continue to pray for the ministry. I am approaching pubs for a room one night a week and also talking to someone about a permanent venue. I am also considering how and when and if to reduce the nights I drive the taxi. In the midst of the winter that is Newcastle city centre God is pouring out his love and with the Spring comes the first signs of new life.

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Dwight Watson said...

Les, I rejoice with you in all that God is doing down there! I have so appreciated hearing your heart for the people on the margins in your city and I love how you are so intentional about taking the Gospel to them where they are. You are in my prayers my brother!