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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Water Under The Bridge

It seems more difficult to find the time to blog with all of the activity that life seems to generate. IF anyone wants to keep up with my prayer needs and ministry updates you can add me in Facebook and send me a message asking to join the prayer list.

My wife and I have had long discussions about how to respond to the many unchurched people that I am connecting with in the taxi. Over the last week or so I have met with one of the key church planting people for the Baptists in NSW and have another meeting in Newcastle on Friday August 15th. There is a lot of interest in my ideas for reaching a group who are well outside of the church's normal sphere of influence.

What I think is most exciting is that I met 3 unchurched friends in a pub last week and asked them for their opinions on my idea to start a faith community/discussion space for anyone interested in spirituality. They were 19, 21 and 26 and gave me great feedback, endorsed the idea and, as I found out later, began telling their friends.

My wife, Tanya, has come up with the name "Water Under The Bridge" which we are going with at the moment. I am still not sure of the exact shape of the community or details. I am going to meet with the owner of 2 pubs in the city about possibly using a room outside of the pub hours. The nature of the idea is that is fluid and collaborative and will adapt to meet the needs and questions of the community.

One of the things that I spoke to my unchurched friends about was the need to create a safe, loving space where people can feel support and nurtured. They were adamant that they did not wish to be preached at and wanted the space to explore spirituality in their own time.

I'll keep you posted both here and on Facebook but God has highlighted a need and we are talking with interested Christians about how best to meet that need in a sensitive, loving way.

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Tauratinzwe said...

I like the name.

I've always wanted to have a Christian community called "SOS" -- "Society of Saints" "Society of Sinners" since we'd be both.