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Wednesday, June 04, 2008


My plan was/is to blog at least every couple of days but I seem to be in a battle for time. I had a very successful week, financially, with the taxi driving but I worked 55 hours to do it. My wife is happy with me driving and we are able to pay our bills and actually start saving some money for once.

I am still not attending a church and still working through what this means for the future. I am constantly challenged by the mistrust of Church amongst the broader community.

Today I am going to attempt to complete a big block of my paper on narrative criticism. Trying to get my head around study after a 55 hour week as well as attending to my wife and children is a big ask but I am determined to give time to the Masters degree.

If anyone knows of any good apologetic resources please can you let me know. I want to be able to begin to challenge some of the responses I am getting as far as basic questions about God are concerned. I think what troubles me the most is that there are many people in their late teens and early 20s who don't seem to understand love. In order to evangelize we speak about God's love for people and so these people are a step back even further in the process. I will pray that God uses me to demonstrate His love.

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