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Saturday, June 21, 2008


I drive a taxi in Newcastle, NSW approximately 2 hours north of Sydney. In recent month the local council have imposed a curfew so that all patrons need to be in the pub/club of their choice by 1am or else they are locked out. The pubs/clubs then stay open till 3am but no more patrons are allowed in after 1am.

This measure was supposed to be a response to fighting and other loutish behavior on the streets on Friday and Saturday nights. I suppose it has had some effect although it seems to be more about noise minimization for people who have bought trendy apartments near to the main clubbing areas of the city.

As I drive around many people ask about my own personal safety and about the different episodes that occur across the town. 2 weeks ago I was in my taxi at a rank and witnessed a brawl involving a dozen or more young men. There have been other incidents mostly involving young men in their 20s and early 30s.

The general consensus is that alcohol is not the main factor. The unknown factor is illicit drug use. I took 3 people home last night who were more than drunk and one of the passengers told me that he had quite a few pills on him. It is this addition of chemicals to the usual weekend ritual of letting off steam that, I believe, is causing the greatest difficulties.

I guess my next question is what part I can play if any in trying to arrest this decline of the values of the young people in our societies? I am not sure of my role outside that of making a living to support my family. I would like to do more than just ferry people from point A to point B but I am not sure what I can do. Any thoughts?


Tim Killeen said...

Hi Les, just read your latest blog offering and must say I was impressed. I was very interested by your strong views & agree with alot of what you are saying, esp your views on anti-social behaviour such as drugs, drinking, fighting etc. It's a huge problem with this generation & certainly needs looking at closer. Not enough people tackle the issue IMO. I also liked your concise style of writing ie, your blog style.

I noticed you've signed up to join the & that you are an avid Aston Villa fan. Excellent! I am one of the editors & I was wondering if you wanted to become a 'contributor' as apposed to a 'subscriber', so you could submit a few blogs/posts/articles about your beloved Aston Villa (or Hereford if you please or even your team in Oz!).

You just seem to be the type of guy we'd love to have on board. Well I'll leave it with. But as I said above; a man of your integrity, who possess an obvious voice & of course, share a similar passion as ourselves for football, you're just what we are looking for.

Thanks for joining up anyway and keep up the good work. I'll visit here again for sure.

Kind regards,

Tim Killeen - The Editor

Les said...

Thanks. I would be happy to post on Aston Villa and the Australian A-League.

Thanks for your encouraging comments.