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Sunday, May 25, 2008


The taxi driving is wonderful. Last night I met a man who was a doctor in both senses i.e. a doctor of medicine with a doctorate. He was a pathologist with an interest in molecular biology. As we proceeded with our discussion over the course of a 20 minute taxi ride it became clear that he was also a Christian.

He was very open about talking of the complexity of the universe and his own discoveries at a molecular level and how science was appreciating the complex design of the universe at every level. He has taken one of my taxi cards and we will meet up again in the future.

I am still interested in the fact that whenever I mention that I am an ordained Baptist pastor I get no negative reaction whatsoever. The issues that people have are always with Church as an institution. I am not attending a church at this time and working through where I should be as far as a Christian community is concerned. My in-laws wrote a letter to the church leadership supporting me fully and the letter was read to the Diaconate and I have not had one person contact me. It seems that the church has put the allegations against me into the "too hard basket" and are getting on with the business of church.

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