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Friday, May 23, 2008

Over Church

Before I begin...thanks to all those who have supported me in this time with comments here or personal emails. I have really appreciated it.

I attached an image of a derelict church because in some ways it depicts how I feel at this point in time. As I drive around I meet many people who are interested in Jesus and faith in general but who see the institution of the Church as an archaic monument to former customs.

When I go driving I pray for God's presence and blessing and I am conscious that I am being Jesus to all those who come my way. It is a challenging and liberating time as I seek to live my faith outside of the confines of a local church.

I have a great fellowship of believers but they are scattered across Newcastle, Sydney and further afield. I have prayer support, love and people with whom I can confess my struggles. I have all that is needed of a Christian community but I don't "attend" a building on a Sunday. I am still working through the future ramifications of this as a Christian and a pastor but it is certainly a spiritually enriching time.

If you have any comments please send them my way because I want to be wise and to grow through this time.


One of Freedom said...

This is always a tough one. I think that we should encourage new forms of church to arise. But where it gets complicated (for me at least) is when I think about my kids. On one hand I'd like something structured. But on the other I love that they are not in a consistent church experience and still are learning to love Jesus and walk with God as a normal part of everyday life.

Glad to find your new blog home.

Alice C. Linsley said...

Les, you have someone praying for you in Lexington, Kentucky USA. God will show you the path He has for you.

Be a man of God to your family, friends, internet circle, taxi customers, etc. and our Lord will magnify His blessings to all these people. You may not always know what He is doing, but just be His man.