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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

England calling

I am England staying with my parents in Hereford. Any English friends are welcome to get in touch in case we can meet up. I leave on New Years Day.

I come here with a heavy heart and time to reflect and seek direction for my life. I am in a job in which I am very unfulfilled. My passion is for writing, teaching and ministry but I can't seem to find my way there yet although I believe that this trip is part of the process.

I want to return to Australia with a clearer sense of myself so that I can be a more responsible husband and father. I began writing my "story" today and I am also doing some of my Masters work while I am here.

I returned to an alcoholic brother, an anxious mother and a sick father but I also return to my roots and a chance to find some answers to my own mental turmoil. God has brought me to this place at this time to learn and grow. I only pray that I am able to learn and grow to the full potential that God has called me to.


Am'n2deep said...

I began by reading this post and continued reading the next couple. I felt a deep connection and love for you. You are searching. You are discovering your calling and purpose here upon this Earth. You have developed a great understanding and love for those who suffer or are misunderstood or oppressed. I get this. I understand the struggle in digging back through your past to try and unravel the "mess" in your head. I understand the inner turmoil, and yet the deep sense of inner knowing that it is something that your soul has chosen to pass through in order to develop qualities that can be gained in no other way and are needed to fulfill your purpose. I long for a world where we are just there for one another in times of great pain, offering nothing but hope, unconditional love and support while we pass through the darkness and find our way into the Light, for I believe that this is what Jesus would do and does. We have been counseled to mourn with those that mourn, comfort those who stand in need of comfort, and above all to love God and one another even as He loves us. I wonder how different this world would be if this were the accepted and prescribed method to mental illness. The way the world deals with mental illness now is to either "fight or flight". It is either feared and avoided or quickly controlled through medication without ever really getting to the source, or even accepting that it might be part of the process to a spiritual awakening. I'm not sure if you believe as I do, but I wish you every blessing needed in your role as a husband and father as well as the mission you are seeking to find and fulfill.

Joey Cavalier said...

Hey Les, this is Joey. I have been out of the blogging world for some time now, but I am back in with a new blog in which I discuss theology. If you are interested, my new url is:

Hope to hear from you and hope you are well.


Anonymous said...

Les, we have never met, but I have periodically followed your blog since you told the Villa collective about it. Have often been provoked to pray for you and your family in your journey; just wanted to say that Jesus and his love for us is unchanging, regardless of how we change, grow, or even sometimes shrink. Do blog again soon.