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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

England calling

I am England staying with my parents in Hereford. Any English friends are welcome to get in touch in case we can meet up. I leave on New Years Day.

I come here with a heavy heart and time to reflect and seek direction for my life. I am in a job in which I am very unfulfilled. My passion is for writing, teaching and ministry but I can't seem to find my way there yet although I believe that this trip is part of the process.

I want to return to Australia with a clearer sense of myself so that I can be a more responsible husband and father. I began writing my "story" today and I am also doing some of my Masters work while I am here.

I returned to an alcoholic brother, an anxious mother and a sick father but I also return to my roots and a chance to find some answers to my own mental turmoil. God has brought me to this place at this time to learn and grow. I only pray that I am able to learn and grow to the full potential that God has called me to.