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Friday, August 03, 2007


I am reading Juergen Moltmann's "Theology of Hope" and what an inspiration it is. I will reflect more on this as time goes by but a recent series of events caused me to reflect on the need for hope for those outside of the church.

Up until this week I was employed supervising men with mental illnesses. To avoid any compromising details it will suffice my purposes to say that the men have been very poorly treated. Basic rights have been neglected and. although I am less than perfect, I have tried to care for the men and treat them with the respect they deserve.

I had been contemplating leaving because I my time there has become very difficult in recent weeks but I didn't want to resign and leave the men in the same situation. Last week I submitted a 3 page report alleging bullying, harassment (for myself and the men) and lack of basic rights. This paper resulted in a meeting for myself with a senior manager and someone from HR in Sydney.

To cut the story short I was able to resign with cast iron guarantees that the company will be investigated thoroughly, assessments will be done for all men and that a proper complaints procedure will be put in place.

One of the driving factors for me is that my predecessors have eventually resigned but have left the men stuck in an awful situation where they are powerless, voiceless and hopeless. I have been driven by a prophetic calling to speak up for the rights of the oppressed. I recall telling one of the men that I would stand up for them and he told me not to bother because nothing would ever change. I refused to believe that and I carried on in the belief that God had put me in my role for a reason regardless of how difficult it was.

Please understand I am no hero. I spoke up because I could. No-one had followed the injustice through over a period of 8 years. Things are now going to change and I have assurances from Head Office. It is possible to bring hope to the hopeless.

I am working on a book project exploring Moltmann's "Theology of Hope" and its' potential to transform our conception of evangelism and witness. This journey has been extremely stressful but very rewarding.

Last weekend as I contemplated resigning, a friend offered me a role overseeing sales and marketing for his small business. This Monday I begin a role as Business Development Manager for Humanomics. This role is where I want to be headed and it utilises my skills and gives my family release from the financial constraints that we have been under. God wants people who will live faithfully and speak up for those who have little or no voice.

The final sub-point is that God can and does provide all our needs according to His riches in glory.


Colin A. Lamm said...

May your new endeavours continue to be a blessing to you and your family!!

Alex said...

Hey Les, I found your blog by doing a search for Moltmann's ToH because I am reading it right now as well and am really struggling to understand it. I'd be really interested to hear more about your project and any resources you know of to help me out with ToH. My blog is at or you can reach me by email at silva012682 "at" bellsouth "dot" net. Anyway, it was great to hear your story and I hope everything goes well with you in your new position and with those struggling at your former position.