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Sunday, June 10, 2007


I have a storm raging in my mind right now which you can peer into at my other blog. This weekend we have been through incredible storms in our part of NSW. We had power out for 30 hours; some friends are still without electricity. We still have a tree in our front garden which snapped at the base and has been lying across the power lines since late Friday night.

At my in-laws a tree fell and squashed their shed and rear fence. The SES (State Emergency Services) volunteers who were chainsawing trees yesterday had come up from Canberra to assist with the recovery. The volunteers had travelled north for 6 hours simply to help with a natural disaster in another part of Australia.

It is incredible to see the commitment of people to help other in a time of need. Here's hoping that the winds stay down for long enough for the city to recover. About an hour north of here there are rivers peaking at 14 metres tonight which will cause more chaos. All of this on a public holiday long weekend.

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