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Sunday, June 10, 2007


I am currently reading a wonderful novel by Gregory David Roberts called "Shantaram". Robers is an Australian who committed armed robberies while addicted to Heroin. He eventually fled to India. The book is a novel which is based on his story. Roberts ends up living in a slum and it is here that he begins to discover the beauty of human kindness, acceptance and love.

I am a third of the way through and although I am supposed to be revising for an exam I find it too beautiful and compelling to easily put down. There is a fair share of violence and underworld activity but Roberts' discovery of the light amidst the darkness is written in such magnificent words that he keeps lifting me to heights of wonder.

I thoroughly recommend this as a lengthy but utterly rewarding read. One of the reasons that I am so fussy over the novels that I read is that I like to be taken on a journey that allows me to discover the potential for my own inner discoveries. This is such a book. It will offer an opportunity to look into a place of apparent destitution and find the bonds of true community.


Your Mate in England said...

focus, focus, focus

Les said...

Thanks for the comment. I am not entirely sure of what "focus" is referring to. Do I need to focus more on the book's message?

your mate in england said...

I was referring to focusing on your revising for you know my identity

Les said...

No idea. But I did finish the whole book and have nearly 3000 words done of my paper and a week to cram in some revision!!

Any more advice :)