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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Uncertain of Purpose? Be a Porpoise

For those of you who, like me, were left unsatisfied by "The Purpose Driven Life" will be interested in an online book and website that doesn't stop at easy answers.

The "Porpoise Diving Life" is a wonderful exploration of the grey areas of faith and is a good resource for those of us who don't find things all neat and tidy being a follower of Jesus, much like the disciples.

Bill Dahl, the author, said, in an interview, "What I write has, believe me, absolutely nothing to do with some sort of a gimmicky reaction to Warren’s book and/or his writings or theology. It is solely based upon what God’s Spirit placed upon my heart and wouldn’t let up until I acted.

Jesus never promised us that our existence in this world and journey of faith with Him would be without pain, uncertainty, the unexpected, the incomprehensible and hardship. Perhaps there’s another dimension of truth to the Gospel message that people are yearning to hear that is outside the confines of a well-ordered, trouble-free, formula-based, prosperity laden, purpose-driven life."

If you are uncertain of your purpose then explore what it means to live free as a porpoise for Christ.

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