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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Theological Acid Test

A friend and I were discussing certain theological positions that appear to be governed more by the prevailing world view of the people involved and less by faithful Biblical exegesis. I came across a quote by Dallas Willard on Just Wondering which, very succinctly, gives a good measure for theological propositions:

"The acid test for any theology is this: Is the God presented one that can be loved heart, mind, soul and strength? If the thoughtful answer is; 'Not really,' then we need to look elsewhere or deeper."


Tauratinzwe said...

Great quote!

Too often the god we try to present as God is far less than lovable or even loving.

Colin A. Lamm said...

For some reason I am reminded of the quote attributed to Albert Schweitzer who said that "theologians are those who look down the deep dark well of Biblical criticism only to see a reflection of themselves at the bottom."

Too often we all present a god more in our own image (our thoughts, feelings, wishes, desires and hopes) than we do the God who is. If God be merely a reflection of fallen humanity then there is nothing in Him worthy of love.

Les said...

I have seen that Schweitzer quote before in regard to Liberal Theology but as I have said to a friend of mine - "we are all only one step removed from pharasaism"