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Friday, April 13, 2007

Made is whose image?

I want to draw attention to a post by Sally at Eternal Echoes. With my interest in mental health and the lack of love and regard often found in the church I found this an excellent reflection. Mostly I was challenged and moved by the poem at the beginning of the post which I have reproduced here:

I challenge you

to look beyond the label

you give me,

of gender,

of race,

of sexuality,

of disability…


I challenge you to see me

as I am;


created by God,

made in Her image,

fashioned by His design


I am a walking talking work of art;

Human, just

like you!

I feel and bleed…

I love and laugh…


If you were to see me

and not the label you have given me,

we might talk and laugh,

and love together.

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