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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Slow Dark Train

I have been on the "Slow Dark Train" again. The time since posting has been difficult to say the least. I am not asking for sympathy merely indicating the reason for the lack of blog activity. Family issues plus work issues plus some darkness from my past bubbling up again caused me to hit a wall.

The Vigilantes of Love have been a big influence on my life. Bill Mallonee, the lead singer and chief song-writer is an honest man who is not afraid to deny the grey areas of life. The first time that I came across VOL was at a festival in England. Prior to playing "Judas Skin" Bill told of some of his journey with depression. Even at that time, over 10 years ago now, something of what he said resonated with me but now, more than ever, I pull the CD out from time to time and listen to this song and allow myself to become absorbed in the words and music as I seek to reconnect to my Father God in all of the raw honesty of the struggle.

Here are the lyrics to "Judas Skin":

What is it you need to hear?
It's on your lips and in your ears
If too much static or unclear
Still He holds you dearly

Hound of heaven on your trail
Keen sense of direction and smell
Knows your need before you do
And when you bleed, He does too

On my own again
On my slow dark train
How is it I am found in my Judas skin spinning down?

What is it you need to know?
You don't already understand?
When You offer me a drink, I just keep you at arm's length

What is it that I fear?
Why is it I don't trust?
When hiding out becomes career, what am I covering up?

What is it you need to find?
Love Your Spirit working overtime
And when I come out of this spin and I see You're still my friend

On my own again
On my slow dark train
How is it I am found in my Judas skin spinning down?


Tauratinzwe said...

Thanks for your blog. I've enjoyed it since discovering it and have "stolen" a quote from you already (with credit given).

As one who knows the ride on the "Slow Dark Train," you may appreciate this: Walk On - at

I look forward to more of your insights.


Les said...

Thanks for these encouraging words.