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Friday, March 09, 2007

Scandal of the Christ

I have just read an excellent post at "Darkening Glasses".

I have been and am very challenged by this provocative post as it examines the brutal reality of Jesus' life and ministry. At one point the question is asked:

"(If) I were part of the religious establishment, would I have been one of the majority who maligned / condemned Him, or, would I have been like the small minority, like Nicodemus, Simon the Leper, and Joseph of Aramathea who quietly, and fearfully, believed?"

I recall a line from a Keith Green song that says "I bet I could deny you too". Many times that line has made me weep in shame at the hardness of my heart.

Be challenged afresh at this man who is Lord of All.

1 comment:

Colin A. Lamm said...

These words of yours are very kind, indeed. Your exhortation at the end is most pertinent to us all. What it challenges me to understand is that I need to come humbly before Christ (who is Lord of all) and accept Him as He is, not as I would prefer Him to be.