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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Bruce Chatwin

I recently completed Nicholas Shakespeare's biography of Bruce Chatwin. As the only famous namesake that I have come across I was interested to read his life's story. It is, indeed, a fascinating story.

What struck me was a quote towards the end of his life when he was contemplating his eventual conversion to the Greek Orthodox faith. Bruce said that he liked the Greek Orthodox Church because they reserved all the best buildings for God.

This comment caused me to reflect on the place of reverence in current Christian practice and architecture. Have we lost a sense of respect and awe for God. Even in a fluid, post-modern church with no permanent building surely there is opportunity to present concrete images of the vast beauty, goodness and love of God.

Having visited many cathedrals in England I am always taken with the beauty of the buildings. Maybe we need to reserve more beautiful places for God?

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