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Sunday, November 26, 2006


I was reading blogs recently by Joe - - and I was struck by the potential for collaborative thinking through blogging. I am a strong believer in leveraging other people's knowledge and insights in order to develop and enhance our own thinking.

Joe has been exploring "Creature-Divine Relationality." It is a great series of blogs and highly recommended. I am returning to a paper that I began writing regarding "Christian Community" with a strong focus on John 13:35 - " This is how all will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another."

As I begin to work through this I intend to post sections and ideas on the blog and seek to make the most of the creative theological thinking that is out there. This medium presents a great opportunity to explore theology for the 21st century. Too often, Christian blogs appear to present as the final authoritative word whereas I would like to think that I leave room for questions and dialogue.


Anonymous said...

Excellent thoughts Les. My desire is for my blog to become a "think-pool" where fellow believers can explore theology in love and community. That is what I am trying to do with this new "series;" answering questions that were raised concerning the subject.

Thank you for your input and encouragement in my theological efforts.

Blessings and love from Theologian Joe.

Anonymous said...

Les, I like what you said on my blog in response to my comment on God's loving activity in our lives. You said something like "we know God loves us becuase of how he works in our lives."

I like that... Some theologies turn away from experience out of fear and intellectual arrogance. But as I was thinking about your comment I realized how profound it was.

"How can we say we have a relationship with God without ever experiencing Him?" Thatis the question I would ask to those who oppose experience.

Thank you for that comment. And if it is okay I will be using your comment as a spring-board to answering question #2 in this series.

Steve Hayes said...

You might like to consider joining the synchrobloggers -- several people blog on the same topic once a month. This lets one see different aspects of the topic as it is viewed by different eyes, and the discussion follows.

This month's theme is "Love", because of Va;lentine's day.

Les said...

Thanks Steve. I will search for synchrobloggers.

I am keen to explore with others so that I can test my own theology and worldview.