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Sunday, April 23, 2006

A Theology of Hope

I have recently subscribed to the Juergen Moltmann discussion group -

This has refreshed my already strong interest in the work of Moltmann but especially his focus on a theology of hope.

I am in the process of writing about the nature of Christian community and its limitations and possibilities. I want to explore the exclusiveness that arises from Christian community and how local expressions of Christian community can move towards a more truly in-clusive position.

If God is a God of hope and promise then surely there is room to welcome in a diversity of people into the Christian community? Is God's hope narrow or embracing? Both conservatives and liberals need to be sure that there boundaries of community are not governed by their prevailing secular worldview but also there is a need for churches to open their arms as wide as the love, justice and mercy of God allows.

As I read and reflect further on Moltmann and other "radical" theologians I hope to develop some thinking on the nature of Church especially as it relates at a very local level. I would like to see a move away from Church buildings with the "smaller" expression as a home group towards individual Christians seeing their local streets or workplace as their "mission field" and, therefore, as their opportunity to "do" church and seek to bring a wider expression of hope.

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One of Freedom said...

Welcome to the blog-o-sphere. I think you will find that Moltmann's particular contribution is a critique of the systems, or ways in which we do things as a Church. I don't find he leads us all to the same conclusion, rather indicates the ways in which it hasn't worked and why. He has really shaped my vision of how we 'do' Church. I look forward to your observations!

BTW I am not a 'conventional' pastor either.